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Updated Saturday May 11, 2019 by Beamsville Minor Baseball Association.

This is the beginning of something really great. As you can see, all teams now have their very own website! Along with displaying all of your Team Schedules, Results and Standings, these websites will allow your Coaches to add Game Recaps, Photo Albums and even Statistics. Ask your Coach to keep your website up to date for everyone to enjoy!

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Scott Herkes commented on May 21, 11:27pm
"Hello parents and players, My name is Scott Herkes. My wife, Melissa and I will be coaching the Blue team for the upcoming baseball season. If you're receiving this message, it's probably because you're on our team. Welcome! A few little things I want to touch base on (pun intended) before our first game next Monday, May 27th. This is my first season coaching Rally Cap. I volunteered to coach because it sounded like they were having some difficulties finding people. I have a baseball background and I will do my best to help every child with development and fundamentals. All I ask in return is that they are attentive, willing to be there, and respect their teammates. All kids should have their own batting helmet and glove. The league will provide bats. Please write your child's name on their items to help identify their belongings...and if it's visible enough, them. On Monday I will bring along a sign-up sheet for snack duties. It would be great if every parent could pick one day this season for their turn with snacks. This doesn't need to be anything extravagant. Some freezies or juice boxes should do the trick. Everyone should be bringing their own water bottle so the snack afterwards is just a little treat. If there are any parents who are interested in helping out this summer, that would be wonderful. I'm not asking for a full season of commitment, but if you bring your glove out to the diamond and you want to help us out, that would be greatly appreciated. I helped Chris, the coach of the Blue team last year a few times over the course of the summer. I was working shift work so I couldn't commit to every week, but I could tell he appreciated the days I was there. I too will appreciate the help. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions. This will be a fun year and I hope your children are as excited as our little guy. He's been counting down the days since March (I wish I was joking). See you next Monday! Scott"
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